Ace of Clubs Time Travel to Rock and Roll

Ace of Clubs

Near Lafayette Street on Great Jones Street, at number 9, is a wonderful little night spot called the Ace of Clubs. This underground, dimly lit space with worn wooden floors and an authentic attitude appears to have captured the raw vitality of the heyday of rock and the birthplace of punk.

Yet this apparent sleaze joint has been lifted a notch or two by the clients the Ace of Clubs is trying to attract. Using wine and single-malt whiskey as the enticement, a classier patronage is clearly longed for, and acquired.

Expect to hear some old style rock on most nights, with an occasional tip of the hat to country sounds. There are also comedy nights and drama evenings where the excitement of encountering something new and promising pervades the atmosphere. The Ace of Clubs is worth a visit, you may need a calendar when you emerge to check you are still in the 21st century and haven’t been transported back to a crazier time.