Manhattan’s Tech Hub

Last month the Manhattan Community Board (also known as Community Board 3) approved of the proposed Tech Hub to be constructed on 14th Street.  This was however, conditional on the City forging ahead with rezoning requests that have been in the works for a long time.  These areas – 3rd and 4th Avenues – are right next to the site.

This has been a work in progress.  There were many public meetings and hearings involving hundreds of locals expressing their concern of issues that would arise from the construction of a Tech Hub without the proper protections.  The concern is that it would lead to a “growing flood of oversized and out-of-character development in the area.”

Thankfully now though a rezoning application has been filed by the Mayor to facilitate a large new “Tech Hub” to be constructed in the middle of two high-rise NY University dorms. Although, some are concerned that with this construction the neighborhood will transform into “midtown south”/extension of Silicon Alley.”  The city however thinks it will “economically empower real New Yorkers.”