Live at the Village Vanguard Over the Internet

The Village Vanguard a Village Icon

So what’s new at the Village Vanguard? Believe it or not, you can enjoy the great sounds emanating from this epicenter of avant garde music anywhere that you have access to internet. A new monthly series from WBGO-NPR will be broadcasting “Live at The Village Vanguard.” Jazz will be featured in the way only the Vanguard can muster, using the special effects of a multi-platform integrated with great music to create a complete and unique artistic experience.

The Village Vanguard

All you need to do is surf on over to the WBGO website. You will then be able to listen and watch the concerts at the Vanguard in real time, and even have a chat with the Special Projects Coordinator at WGBO, Josh Jackson, who is also the host. The conversation is live through the chat room on the web site, and you can discuss the performance in real time as it is happening.

Go check it out. The upcoming concerts featured will be Roy Hargove Quintet on Wednesday, May 25th; Mark Turner Quartet on Tuesday, June 21st, and the Heath Brothers on Wednesday July 6th.