The Latest “Project” Arrives in the Village

The Greenwich Project, the third in a series of “projects” by the same group that brought the Mulberry Project to Little Italy and the Vinatta Project to the Meatpacking District is sure to please.
Opening the first week in April, the Greenwich Project will be housed in a two-story townhouse at 47 West 8th Street.

The lower level will have a lounge where cocktails of the custom and standard varieties will be served to patrons. Upstairs diners will be plied with yummy delectable from an American-style menu created by . One enticing treat customers can expect to see here is 35-day dry-aged lamb loin with curry goat cheese yogurt and diver scallops with salsify, morels and foie gras.

In keeping with the tradition set by the first two ‘project’ restaurants, a rotating gallery of artworks will be displayed on the walls.