Loving the Summer Farmers Markets!


The summer is a great time in the Village. It’s full of color, happy (or happier!) faces and people just seeming to want to have a good time.  The days are longer and thus the nights become more vibrant and the outside-area restaurants are teeming with people. 

For those who enjoy high quality produce, the summer is what it’s all about, in the Village. Check out White Plains that opened back in May and is around until November, from 8 in the morning ‘til 4 in the afternoon every Wednesday.  Located at Court Street, between Martine Avenue and Main Street, there is everything one would expect from a farmers market.  Enjoy the smells of fresh bread, smelly cheeses, baked goods and more.  Vendors come from Arch River Farm amongst other places with their delectable dishes to tempt those frequenting the market.

There is also the www.stjohnsfarmersmarket.blogspot.comthat opened just a few weeks ago on July 5.  Located in Downtown Yonkers, on South Broadway and Hudson Street, if you’re looking for something to do on a Thursday between 8 am and 4pm while benefiting a great cause, this is the place to be.

Set up to help people who were struggling financially in the local community, the coupons issued through the WIC program were able to be used exclusively at Farmers Markets.  Thus the entire community, it was deemed, would be able to benefit equally from the St. Johns Church Farmers Market, and at the same time, small, local farmers would be able to more easily sell their produce.

Since its humble beginnings it has expanded its services, selling coffee, snacks and more.  Later on, it went even further by opening a thrift store, proceeds of which also go to the upkeep of the Market, which, according to local architect Steve Byrns, is “the most interesting example of 19th century Church architecture in America.”

So, for those in the Village who want to get a real taste of New York, its produce, architecture and people, this Farmers Market has it all!