Caffe Dante Entering Second Century

There are not many things that can brag about being 100 years old, but on MacDougal Street there is an eatery even older than many of the trees: Caffe Dante.

Next year Caffe Dante will celebrate its 100 anniversary in its present location, and it has been owned by the Flotta family since 1971. Dante was created back in the day to be either a place to get a light lunch, or to hang out with something sweet after dinner.

Today the focus is shifting as Mario Flotta Senior and his sons expand the outdoor seating, supply a stand-alone bar, and added pasta and pizza to bring in people for dinner.

One reviewer recently tried some of the new offerings, and offered a rousing compliment for the Caesar Salad with lovely anchovies, served with crisp grilled bread. Also winning high praises was the bouncy gnocchi which was served with a nutty pesto sauce and fresh tomatoes.

Do not fear that the added main courses have in any diminished Caffe Dante’s interest in delectable desserts. Anyone who has not yet visited Caffe Dante, despite its being there since before you (or almost anyone else) was born, should go and check out the incredible, daily handmade sorbetti and gelato in flavors such as pistachio, hazelnut, raspberry and lemon.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This old dog is learning quite well.