DiCaprio Moving Into the Village; May Have to Leave Car Behind

DiCaprio's New New York Digs
DiCaprio’s New New York Digs

Ten million greenbacks does not seem to be enough these days to get both an apartment and a parking spot in New York’s current hot real estate market. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio, who just put down a nice round $10 million in the Delos building in Greenwich Village.

The apartment, located at 66 East 11th Street, has two bedrooms and 2½ baths, is on the fourth floor, and offers some pretty cool amenities. Under its “WELL Certified” status the building pumps into each apartment vitamin C-infused shower water; purified water and air; air which has been circulated with aromatherapy additives; heat reflexology flooring which enhances posture; and a circadian lighting design to offer “dawn simulation.” Urban Zen, supplied by Donna Karan, makes available a “wellness concierge” to keep track of and organize residents’ “daily wellness experience.”

While all this attention is paid to the human inhabitants of the ‘green’ building (green because of its environmental perks, not because the building is actually made of money), not much concern is given for residents’ automobiles. Apparently, in DiCaprio’s case, he will have use of a $1 million parking place for his $100,000 hybrid Fisker Karma which comes with a different apartment in the building. When that particular apartment is sold, DiCaprio’s car will have to vacate, unless the new owners of the 8,000-square-foot penthouse duplex either don’t have a car, or decide to keep their car with them in the apartment, since there appears to be more than enough room. We’ll keep you posted on the fate of DiCaprio’s car.