Carousel Arrives in Manhattan

carouselA carousel just landed at Manhattan’s southern tip. Well, that is what it looks like. It actually could be mistaken for an alien ship but it’s not.

According to Battery Conservancy founder, Warrie Price, “It’s the memory of the first New York Aquarium of 1896 when 5,000 people a day would go. The magic of the undersea is still as viable 119 years later.”

It has been a project in the making for the last decade, costing $16 million dollars. Seaglass is a 3 minute ride and it is anticipated that six million will visit it per year.

There are of course many other carousels already in New York City, that also tell a historical tale. For example, Jane’s Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park (in use since 1922, hailing from Idora Park, OH), the Bug Carousel at Bronx Zoo (known for its larger-than-life bugs rather than traditional horses), the Central Park Carousel (built back in 1908, which is one of America’s largest carousels), and the Flushing Meadows Carousel (created in 1963 for the Worlds Fair), etc.

This new one in Manhattan has an interesting structure. According to WXY Architecture and Urban Design, Claire Weisz, “it plays off the idea of not being a building but kind of a sculptural being in that you’re the creature crawling out of the shell.”

Bugs, fish, what next for New York’s carousels?