An Oasis of Mindfulness Opening in the Village

Take a break and meditate.
Take a break and meditate.

New Yorkers have a reputation for being stressed, harried and harassed. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place for people to go to unwind and concentrate on their larger goals in life in a quiet, supportive environment, but without having to commit to a two hour lecture?

For partners Ellie Burrows and Lodro Rinzler, the answer is a resounding yes. Together they have opened New York’s first outlet for nervous New Yorkers to participate in 30 or 45 minute meditations in the middle of their stressful days.

CEO Burrows says that her idea is to give people a space to “meditate and be quiet in a way that’s hard if you’re in New York City.”

After meeting Rinzler when she volunteered at his non-profit organization “Institute for Compassionate Leadership” Burrows wondered if it was possible to create a place in New York where meditation can become part of a busy person’s life. Her vision was to give people the ability to access mediation in a similar way to just “dropping in to get your nails done.”

Rinzler, who has written several books on meditation, created a staff of 25 expert teachers from a wide range of disciplines. The classes cover different themes such as emotions, sleep, breath, and setting specific goals for each day.

“Whatever their particular struggle might be, we’ll have a class for them,” Rinzler said.

MNDFL is opening in November at 10 East 8th Street and will be open seven days a week.