Umami Burger Arrives in the Village

Umami Burger Arrives in New York
Umami Burger Arrives in New York

The famed Los Angeles-based hamburger chain, owned by Adam Fleischman, Umami Burger, has finally opened up its first New York edition, on Sixth Avenue between West 10th and 11th Streets. During the more than 2 weeks that the store has been open, the burgers have been flying off the grill as customers line up to try them out.

Here is what some bloggers on Yelp have to say about the new burger joint in town:

“I strongly believe New Yorkers are going to embrace Umami Burger for a very long time… THE SERVICE IS AMAZING. It was opening day but none of the employees were the slightest bit frazzled or angry… Everyone apologized for the wait!!..”

“Two of us went on the second day and had fried sweet potatoes (very good), a truffle burger and a regular burger. The staff was extraordinarily friendly and eager to help… It was fun and though they dress up the burgers, we agreed we didn’t have to go back, both of us enjoying regular burgers more than these. The buns have a U on them, but weren’t as good as other buns… It’s an experience, but I didn’t get hooked.”

“Our server had briefed us on the specially sourced bread, made of milk and honey and formed via a strictly calculated bread-to-meat ratio. The result is something that tastes like Hawaiian enriched sweet rolls dipped in butter (I mean this in a GOOD way, lest you cringe…just let go of your BS health rules for a second…), and does NOT obstruct your path to the innards of house-ground beef, SHREDDED lettuce, and a thin slice of mushroom sealing in this ‘umami dust’ everyone is talking about.”