Stabilis Capital and New York: The Analytical Edge

investmentWhen it comes to investment management firms in New York, it is essential to seek out an established company that has experience working in the region.  Founded in 2010, Stabilis Capital – over the last six years – brought an edge to the management, monitoring, analysis, and structure of market conditions for its clients. Given this, the firm – headed by Salman Khan – has been able to speedily evaluate and build a wide range of complicated transactions as well as respond to unique situations.

Using the firm’s competitive analytical edge, Stabilis Capital in New York has managed to implement and complete attractive risk-adjusted investments. With its flexible mandate which can generate high risk-adjusted returns (most often on a senior-secured basis spanning its asset classes), Stabilis Capital offers its clients with fast, efficient, and useful guidance.

Stabilis Capital invests in the following six areas: enterprises, individual and pooled loans, performing, sub-performing, non-performing loans, REO assets and securities. Vis-à-vis commercial real estate its work can be categorized into 9 areas: hospitality, industrial/warehouse, multifamily, mixed-use, office, quick service restaurants, retail and student housing, in particular in the New York area.