S’Mac is Good and Cheap, Too

ImageIn the mood for a meal out, but don’t have too much money? Just head on over to S’Mac at 345 East 12th Street in the East Village and have what many people agree is a great meal for a reasonable price.

If you don’t already know, this specialty shop specializes in dishing out one of the world’s most wonderful of comfort foods, Macaroni and Cheese. At S’Mac this taste from childhood has been lifted into the spheres of culinary art, barely recognizable as the dish your mom whipped up for you in a matter of minutes.

At the moment S’Mac offers its pride and joy in four varieties, The Sampler, Four Cheese, The Flag and S’Mac Sampler. There is also gluten-free feasting for those watching for that infamous carb ingredient. Go on over, fill up, and take some of your hard-earned money back home with you.