The Metropolitan Playhouse

Located at 220 East Fourth Street between Avenue A and B, The Metropolitan Playhouse has been honored with the much coveted Obie award for excellence in off-Broadway theater. Located in the heart of the East Village, The Playhouse is dedicated to exploring the unique American identity as expressed through the great literary heritage of the American culture. The Metropolitan Playhouse focuses not only on revivals of classic American plays, but also new, original theater which has its inspiration within the rich culture of the American experience. The playhouse takes pride in its ability to bring lesser known plays from the past back to life, while also having the wherewithal to produce new, modern works which may be adaptations of American writing, including poetry and prose.
As Cindy Pierre of Stage and Cinema has stated, “Metropolitan Playhouse productions are always full of wonder and grace.”
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Kate’s Joint for Vegie Fare

Kate’s Joint has, according to many, the best vegie food in the neighborhood. Located on Avenue B and East 4th Street, some visitors have even commented that Kate’s Joint has the best food in general, even including meat dishes. The DJ at night keeps the place rocking, and if you are in the mood for an un-turkey club sandwich, buffalo wings or a tofu scramble, with a cold beer, Kate’s Joint is for you.
Come during happy hour and experience a great meal, a great place to relax with some excellent comfort food, some fun friends, without spending a bundle, Kate’s Joint is the answer to, “Where should we eat tonight?”
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