Jazz Lives at Smalls in Greenwich Village

Smalls Jazz Club was founded in 1993 by Mitch Borden, a jazz impresario. The original space was an unfinished basement, but the primitive venue did not hinder Smalls from developing into a late-night gathering place for jazz musicians from a gamut of generations. Many of today’s most well-known jazz artists began their careers in Smalls.

During the financial downturn which befell New York after September 11th Smalls was forced to close.  Ownership of the space changed hands, but not for long. In 2007 Spike Wilner and Lee Kostrinsky joined the original owner Mitch Borden to renovate and recapture the original “freewheeling and bohemian vibe.”

This Thursday night at Smalls Jazz Club you will hear the great piano sounds of the Spike Wilner Duo, with Ned Goold accompanying on tenor sax. The show begins at 7:30pm, continuing until 9:45pm.

If you care to stick around, at 10pm the Jack Walrath Group will be taking over the stage. Walrath is a trumpeter, and he brings with him Abraham Burton on tenor sax, Orrin Evans piano, Boris Kozlov playing bass, and Donald Edwards on drums. Josh Evans will take the stage at 1am until closing for Smalls’ after hours and Jam Session.

For more information don’t hesitate to check out Smalls’ website and then go to 183 West 10th Street in Greenwich Village and experience for yourself what has been called “New York’s Cutting Edge Jazz Club.”