Ready for a Greenwich Adventure? How About CBGB?

[caption id="attachment_288" align="alignleft" width="300"]Punk Rock Got Its Start in the Iconoclastic Bar CBGB Punk Rock Got Its Start in the Iconoclastic Bar CBGB[/caption] Looking for something to do that is quintessentially ‘Village’? Then you must check out “CBGB.” Located at 315 Bowery at Bleeker Street, it is where you end up after taking a scenic walk down the historic Bleeker Street. Mostly a bar, back in the day CBGB made a low risk bet when it gave a venue to the ‘not-too-good’ punk-rock band, the Ramones, and therefore launched a revolution in music. Some say that CBGB is the birthplace of the “modern hipster,” and who knows? Maybe they’re right. So if you have a hankering for being smushed together in a less than comfortable space; perhaps having a beer or two spilled on your clothing; or feel a deep-seated need to visit one of the most horrific restrooms in town, then don’t hesitate to make a visit.  Not up for such and adventure? Try the downstairs space which affords its patrons a less ‘avant-garde’ experience. Read More

Zarsha Leo Among New York’s Trendiest Hot Spots

Anyone who has visited Zarsha Leo knows that a night out with friends can be a really fun experience. Between the amazing food served hot fresh and spicy, to the large beer and wine list, cocktails and other elegant beverages, and the sports events broadcast from all over the world on the gigantenourmous plasma screen TVs, there is just about nowhere else like Zarsha Leo.
“I started out wanting to give my friends in New York something special to do in the evenings- somewhere special to go, you know?” commented Evan Burschkopf, CEO and founder of the bar/restaurant franchise. “Staying out with friends, having a few drinks, and watching the game together, is my idea of a good time, so I figured other people would like it, too.”
Evan thought right, and now his successful, trend-setting establishment is expanding to points all across the globe.
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Homer Back in Village

[caption id="attachment_266" align="alignleft" width="197"]Richard Mishaan of Homer Richard Mishaan of Homer[/caption] Richard Mishaan’s home furnishings shop which previously graced commercial space on Madison Avenue from 1997 until 2008 is back, now in the Village. Until the Whitney Museum reclaimed its space back in 2008, Mishaan was selling stylish furnishings, including contemporary, vintage and his own more moderately priced designs. Homer, as the store is called, will be organized according to “vignettes” to give decorators ideas to work with on their own.
“I want to give people design ideas and start a dialogue,” he said.
Mishaan says he will change around the store four times year, according to the seasons.
“We’ll lighten things up for summer,” he said, “and have more-substantial pieces for the holidays.”
Mishaan designs home décor for Bolier and lighting for Urban Electric. The new Homer can be found at 56 University Place at East 10th Street. Call for more information: (212) 744-7705.
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