Stabilis Capital and New York: The Analytical Edge

investmentWhen it comes to investment management firms in New York, it is essential to seek out an established company that has experience working in the region.  Founded in 2010, Stabilis Capital – over the last six years – brought an edge to the management, monitoring, analysis, and structure of market conditions for its clients. Given this, the firm – headed by Salman Khan – has been able to speedily evaluate and build a wide range of complicated transactions as well as respond to unique situations. Using the firm’s competitive analytical edge, Stabilis Capital in New York has managed to implement and complete attractive risk-adjusted investments. With its flexible mandate which can generate high risk-adjusted returns (most often on a senior-secured basis spanning its asset classes), Stabilis Capital offers its clients with fast, efficient, and useful guidance. Stabilis Capital invests in the following six areas: enterprises, individual and pooled loans, performing, sub-performing, non-performing loans, REO assets and securities. Vis-à-vis commercial real estate its work can be categorized into 9 areas: hospitality, industrial/warehouse, multifamily, mixed-use, office, quick service restaurants, retail and student housing, in particular in the New York area. Read More

Landmark District Expansion Under Consideration for the Village

south_village_historic_district There is proposal being considered now by the Landmarks Preservation Commission to expand the area which will be under the protection of the city’s landmarks authority. Under consideration is the area south of Houston Street, west of Sixth Avenue, east of Thompson Street, and north of Watts Street, encompassing 157 buildings. This large area in southern Greenwich Village would extend the two areas which were already approved for protection in 2010 and 2013. If passed, any changes owners wish to make to these landmark buildings will need advanced approval from the city’s Landmarks Protection Commission. The vote to consider the new status took place last week. Anyone wishing to add his or her two cents into the discussion can bring their ideas, displeasure, or support to the committee until November 29. Most of the buildings under consideration for the special status were built prior to World War II. Read More

Oktoberfest Comes to New York in September

oktoberfest-927666_960_720Oktoberfest has become one of New York’s premier fall festivals, celebrating great food, fall foliage, and of course amazing beer. Oktoberfest began in Germany. In 1810, from October 12-17 the celebration was held to honor the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. But why should such a fun tradition be relegated to one small country? The festival quickly spread across Europe and then the world, and has been changing the face of fall in New York in a big way. This year the festival will take place beginning September 17, and ending on October 3. It was moved up from the original October date to the third week in September due to the weather, which turns cold and stormy in October. There will be Oktoberfest celebrations in every New York borough so there is no excuse not to join in. The largest events will be in Central Park on September 17, Munich on the East River on September 23, and Watermark’s Oktoberfest, September 17. Read More

Grab Your Kids and Go to NYC!

[caption id="attachment_494" align="alignright" width="355"]Yankee Stadium. Courtesy of Groupe Canam Yankee Stadium. Courtesy of Groupe Canam[/caption] Taking your kids on a trip to New York City is one of the most fun things you can not only do for them, but for yourselves as well. There is a seemingly endless array of choices for kid-friendly activities that are exciting and enjoyable for the entire spectrum of tastes and abilities. Here is a brief review of the possibilities for what could be the best vacation you have ever had.
  • New York is world renown for “Broadway,” so take them to a show which could not even be on Broadway unless it was fantastically entertaining. Go see a classic like The Lion King or Annie, or even head to an off-Broadway performance for a little cultural challenge.
  • Ah, the mother of all parks: Central Park. This place is awesome. There are miles of country lanes for meandering strolls. A lake for boating, fishing and other activities. Concerts, both free and not free. Biking, baseball, soccer, volleyball, chess and heaven knows what else is available in the park, like a zoo and 21 playgrounds.
  • OMG you haven’t been to the American Museum of Natural History? And even if you have, the displays never get old, especially when there are new exhibits constantly organized to view side by side with the incredible dinosaurs and giant whale which just make that museum like a home to anyone who grew up in the city.
  • Take the kids to a baseball game. There are two great places to go: Citi Field and Yankee Stadium. The pace and feel of a baseball game is a great way to enjoy your family in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and get some hot dogs for lunch while your there, too.
Some other ideas include a visit to the Statue of Liberty, FAO Schwartz, the New York Aquarium, the New York Hall of Science, the Bronx Zoo, and of course the Empire State Building. You are going to have a blast, and make memories that will last a lifetime.
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Stonewall Inn Becoming Stonewall National Monument

[caption id="attachment_491" align="alignright" width="300"]Stonewall Inn, June 25, 2016. Photo by Rhododendrites Stonewall Inn, June 25, 2016. Photo by Rhododendrites[/caption] June 28, 1969 is the date when the LGBT rose up as a group to fight for their rights. On this date a riot broke out at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. Universally considered the birthplace and time of the modern Gay Rights movement, US President Barack Obama has set aside 7.7 acres in the Village as the country’s first monument to this phenomenon. To be called the Stonewall National Monument, it is the newest addition to the National Park System. This year marks 100 years since the first National Park was established. The announcement was made during the annual Pride celebration that took place in New York City from June 19th to 26th. It is hoped that the monument will be ready by the time the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riot comes around, in June 2019. Read More

Watch Out for Tupac: Jeff Bowler & Bret Saxon

Sometimes good things are worth the wait – we just have to hope that this one comes to fruition. Many New Yorkers may not know this, but Tupac wrote the script to a movie called “Live 2 Tell” before he was murdered. Co-producers are the movie are Jeff Bowler and Bret Saxon. Certainly, those who know about this hidden gem have been waiting for a long time for it to come to the big screen. As Jeff Bowler has explained when looking for the right actors, “I received over 50 e-mails from actors, aspiring rappers, Broadway actors, from across the world wanting to send their music and head shot to me because Tupac had such an influence on their lives. It’s crazy how big Pac’s legacy lives on today.” Jeff Bowler was first introduced to this scrip through video director Gobi. It was supposed to be part of a three-picture deal that the rapper signed shortly before he was murdered in 1996. Gobi and Tupac’s mom, Afeni Shakur, have held the script close to the chest since then. As Jeff Bowler said, “[Afeni Shakur] is very protective of the creative control area because she doesn’t want this great urban crime saga — with a hardened redemption — turned into a comedy or anything foolish. But creatively, we’re all right on point with each other’s thoughts on the story and we can’t wait to get going.” Bowler was amazed, when he first saw the script, but how well-written it is. As he said, “You could shoot the script as is right now and you’d have a fantastic movie. We’ll probably have to have it trimmed up a little bit, but not doctored really in any way storywise at all. Seeing Tupac’s words on paper — right from him, untouched — is pretty exciting.” The producers are honored to have this opportunity. As Bowler said, “We’re absolutely honored. I’m in my 30s, so I grew up listening to Tupac — I grew up on a farm in New England and his music transcended all the way out to there. So it’s definitely global.” Now, we just need the movie to get made. Read More

Great Ways to Save on Your Tax Bill from Anchin, Block & Anchin

6793826885_6fdd19b3c4_oThe CPAs at Anchin, Block & Anchin,  a New York-based accounting firm, have some great advice for ordinary tax payers who may be missing out on some great deductions simply because they do not realize they exist. One such deduction, says Richard Baum of Anchin, is for moving to a new home after getting a new job. All that is required is that the job took you at least 50 miles away from your old home for a person to be eligible to deduct the moving expenses. This applies even to a first job at the beginning of someone’s career.
“Moving expenses for someone’s first job are deductible,” says Anchin CPA and partner Baum.
Anchin experts also suggest that self-employed people take their health insurance premiums as an “above-the-line” deduction. Those types of deductions lower your taxable income even if you do not itemize your deductions and just take the standard deduction. In the same category is half of your self-employment tax. All taxpayers, not just the self-employed, can take long-term care insurance as a medical expense and are tax-deductible.
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As Baby Boomers Age They Make Demands on Healthcare Sector

[caption id="attachment_471" align="alignleft" width="300"]US Birth Rates US Birth Rates[/caption] Baby Boomers, that is, people born about one year after World War II until about 1964, are aging in record numbers. The oldest among them have already turned 70, while their youngest cohorts are about 18 years younger. As this population continues to age, the services they require will increase in demand. There were about 76 million boomers still alive in 2005. This group is making demands on the economy in many ways, and one of the main ways is in health care. One innovation that boomers will demand more of is a new way to treat cataracts and other vision problems, intra-ocular lenses. Alcon Laboratories developed a lens called ReSTOR which most likely will be highly desired by people who would like to improve their vision without using eyeglasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery. One other innovation which is getting some interest by boomers is something called balloon kyphoplasty. This surgical procedure is designed to alleviate pain and correct spinal fractures resulting from osteoporosis and/or cancer. Since 199 over 115,000 spinal fractures have been treated with balloon kyphoplasty.
“We’ve been impressed at how, in a relatively short time, balloon kyphoplasty has been so widely accepted by orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons," said one observer.
Baby boomers will also be choosing nursing homes and assisted living arrangements as they age. Recently Dry Harbor Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center has enlarged its team and improved its cardio-pulmonary center just in time to accommodate the expected increase in demand. Located in Middle Harbor, Queens, Dry Harbor Nursing Home has a 360-bed facility and boasts one of the largest and most comprehensive rehab teams in the borough. Just as the boomers made their impact on pop culture, politics and much else in the American cultural scene when they were younger, they are changing the field of healthcare as they age.
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